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Today's competition for jobs is at an all time high. It seems new layoffs are announced daily. In this job market you need to change the way you find employment. Using our supercharged resume posting service will save you over 200 hours of time and actively put your resume in front of 1.5 million employers that are looking for job seekers just like you.

It is a fast and easy way to improve your job search. It takes only 15 minutes to post your resume to all these sites.
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Other services just post to a few sites. We post to ALL of them.
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To hand post to all 80+ sites would take over 200 hours.
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*If you don't receive response from this service within 60 days we'll re-blast it again for free. If after 60 more days you still haven't received a response - we'll refund 100% of your money! *While our total list of recruiters & employers is approximately 10,000 your resume will be targeted only to recruiters for your geopgraphic area & specialty.